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DryMaster offers dry carpet cleaning - your carpets will be dry in minutes!

The ultra short drying time is the main reason for choosing dry carpet cleaning.  Your carpets will be dry in minutes, looking and smelling clean.

Dry carpet cleaning not for you?  We also offer deep steam carpet cleaning.

What is dry carpet cleaning and why is there a drying time?

Dry Carpet Cleaning Cornwall Quick Dry

The dry carpet cleaning system in the trade is known as a very low moisture (VLM) system of carpet cleaning.  Straight away you can now understand why there is a drying time, even if it is just minutes!  As the "Very Low Moisture" name suggests, there is a tiny amount of liquid used in the dry carpet cleaning process, but it is so small the name dry carpet cleaning is used instead.  Want to know more? Read on for further information about the dry carpet cleaning</strong> method.

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How dry carpet cleaning works - a basic understanding;

Dry carpet cleaning essentially works using a combination of dry cleaning compound being spread on the carpet and a dry carpet cleaning machine brushing the carpets.  The brushes on the machine firstly work the dry compound deep into the carpet, the compound acts as a sponge to absorb or crystalise all the dirt from within the carpet.  Here's where the liquid comes in - a fine mist spray, is used to agitate the dirt and allow the dry compound to absorb or crystallise all of it. The brushes then pick up the dry compound taking all the dirt from your carpet with it.  Leaving you with clean and fresh smelling carpets.

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